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Integrated Capital Event: Using all the Tools in the Toolbox

On October 1, 2019, women (and some men) gathered for a tri-state NNE Women’s Investors Network discussion on integrated capital at our Integrated Capital:  Using all the Tools in the Toolbox event.

In its most simple form, integrated capital has been defined as: “the coordinated use of diverse forms of financial and human capital to support enterprises and strategies that address complex social and environmental problems. What an amazing opportunity to have both Deb Nelson of RSF Social Finance and Joel Solomon of Renewal Funds and author of The Clean Money Revolution in Vermont! Joel and Deb shared stories from the front lines of working with women investors, philanthropists and entrepreneurs using this model as their basis for more meaningful investments.

Deb Nelson speaks at NNEWIN Integrated Capital event.

Guest speaker Deb Nelson.

It was so exciting to hear the conversations started on 10/1 and see the wheels started turning to think about guiding money to doing good rather than harm and engage women investors in supporting women entrepreneurs.

A Positive Trend for Women in Investing

In total, we had about 50 people in attendance, ~90% women, from all walks of life and stages of investing. We had representation from our Vermont Community Foundation, The Vermont Women’s Fund, the State’s economic development lender, wealth managers, individual angel investors, funders, accelerator programs etc.

Seven years ago we were at an event (in the same space we used for this event) called the Vermont Investors Forum. At that time (the last year it was held), 90% of the investors / attendees in the room were white male investors. Wow, what a difference! Comments we heard were, “This was the best workshop I’ve ever been to,” and “I’m going to call my wealth advisor today and find out what my money is invested in and figure out how I can align it with my values.”

Links & Readings

During our conversation with Deb & Joel, there were some links and readings that came up and we wanted to pass them along for reference:

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